Comprehensive Dental Care Service for Optimal Oral Health (2024)


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From checkups and root canals to dentures and implants, get started with a customized treatment plan today.

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Preventative care

The best way to get a healthy smile? Preventative care services that keep you healthy from day one.

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Your step to a healthy mouth starts with checkups. At Aspen Dental, that includes:

  • X-rays

  • General oral health assessments

  • Oral cancer screenings

  • A customized care plan

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Preventative Cleaning

Next are your bi-annual dental cleanings, also known as dental hygiene visits. These ensure your smile stays clean all year long while supporting your oral health long-term.

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Periodontal Treatment

Changes in your health can lead to gum infections requiring a periodontal treatment. If this happens, your care team will provide a personalized plan with regular checkups to monitor it.

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Restorative dentistry

Need to get your oral health back on track? Our team is ready to help with restorative treatments and services, like:

Restore a broken tooth with a natural-looking dental crown. Shaped and colored to naturally fit your smile, dental crowns cover your tooth to protect it and restore your smile.

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Replace 1-3 neighboring teeth with a dental bridge and get back to comfortably eating and smiling. Held in place either by crowns or implants, a dental bridge will fill in any gaps caused by multiple missing teeth.

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A well-known treatment, fillings repair cavities, chips and cracks to restore the health and function of your tooth. By removing any decay or debris from your tooth and filling it with composite resin, for instance, you’re able to eat and speak like normal.

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Get your smile healthy again with your dentist’s recommended surgical procedures. When it comes to oral surgery, a few common procedures we can help with include:

  • Wisdom teeth removal

  • Dental implants

  • Bone grafting

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) reflief

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Root canals can save damaged or infected teeth by removing the dental pulp and filling your tooth. They can help alleviate pain you may be experiencing by getting to the root cause of it.

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Transformative care

Whether you want a brighter smile or a full smile transformation, your local team
can help you get the smile you’ve always envisioned with cosmetic dentistry.

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Teeth straightening

Straighten your smile and enjoy a new you with Motto® clear aligners.

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Teeth whitening

Get your brightest smile yet for a new confident you.

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Dental implants

The best tooth replacement solution that look and act like your real teeth.

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We’ve got everything in our corner for your smile—including 20% off treatment plans at an office near you.

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⁰Not valid for previous or ongoing work and cannot be combined with other discounts or dental discount programs. Not valid for orthodontia. Discount taken off usual and customary fees for general dentistry services and does not apply to services rendered by a specialist. Patients with insurance will receive either the 20% discount or insurance plan pricing, whichever discount is greater. Offer expires 12/31/24.

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Dental service FAQs

Seeing your dentist every six months for a check-up and cleaning is recommended by our care teams. However, your Aspen Dental dentist may suggest more frequent visits based on your oral health needs.

During a routine dental cleaning, our skilled dental hygienists will gently remove any plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth. They’ll also polish your teeth to remove stains and provide oral hygiene instructions for home care.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for preventing cavities and gum diseases. It involves brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and regularly visiting the dentist for check-ups and cleanings. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid sugary foods and drinks, and use fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay.

Most dental insurance plans offer 100% coverage for preventive services like cleanings and check-ups. Your coverage for restorative and cosmetic treatments may vary depending on the dental insurance plan you’ve selected. Make sure to review your dental insurance plan and understand your coverage before scheduling any dental appointments. We do not accept Medicaid. If you have questions, give your local care team a call today.

If you experience a dental emergency, such as severe tooth pain or a cracked or broken tooth, contact your local Aspen Dental dentist as soon as possible. They can provide guidance over the phone and schedule an emergency appointment to address the issue promptly. For more guidance on what to do in a dental emergency dental, please visit our emergency dental care page.

General dentistry

At Aspen Dental, general dentistry is at the heart of our care. Our dedicated care teams focus on preventing, diagnosing and treating oral diseases and conditions to maintain good oral health.

Your Aspen Dental team will keep you smiling with general dentistry services that:


Improve your oral health: General dentists help to prevent and treat a range of oral health problems, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease (gum disease) and oral cancer. In addition to staying up on your oral hygiene, by visiting a general dentist regularly, you can maintain good oral health and reduce the risk of developing serious oral health problems.

2. Conduct early detection and treatment: Regular dental check-ups and cleanings allow your dentist to prevent serious oral health issues and detect problems early.

3. Manage your pain: General dentists are trained to diagnose and treat painful oral conditions, such as toothaches, gum pain and jaw pain.

4. Improve your overall health: Poor oral health has been linked to several systemic health problems, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. By conducting preventative care and catching problems early, your overall health will benefit.

5. Boost your confidence: A healthy, beautiful smile can boost your self-esteem around your smile so you can get back to living the life you love.

General dentistry services

Services commonly provided by general dentists include: checkups, cosmetic dentistry, dental bridges, dental crowns, dental implants, dentures, emergency dental care, dental fillings, oral surgery, periodontal disease treatment, root canal, teeth whitening, tooth extraction, dental veneers.

General dentist near me

Find the nearest Aspen Dental general dentist near you. Our experienced dental care team will put your comfort first with dental services that’ll keep your smile healthy.

Comprehensive Dental Care Service for Optimal Oral Health (2024)
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