It’s official: Parsec is now part of Unity (2024)

In 2016, Chris and I started Parsec with one goal: make a low latency remote desktop application performant enough to play PC games from anywhere, across any device. Our assumption was that if a technology was purposefully built to stream video at 60+ frames per second in HD quality while shaving as many milliseconds off the stream as possible, we could significantly expand the world's access to software, games, and tools. Even in those early days, we hoped that any ultra-low latency technology would be powered by Parsec.

Today, we have the pleasure to announce that Parsec has officially joined Unity, helping us accelerate toward that goal: democratizing access to all of the tools and software needed to build & enjoy interactive 3D experiences.

Thank you, thank you, you're far too kind

Almost five years ago, we launched the first version of Parsec and Chris shared his technical goals in a blog post. Over the course of those five years, there have been countless people supporting Parsec to help us get here. Most importantly, everyone who has been a member of the Parsec team deserves a massive congratulations and has earned our deepest gratitude for helping us build and define the world-class product Parsec has become.

The Parsec community (and their feedback) has also been an enormous source of inspiration. Their imaginative use cases, creative applications, and novel tools have repeatedly driven us to push the boundaries of what our technology can do. For nearly a year after our launch, we had fewer than one hundred active customers each day. That early feedback and those early needs helped define the product. Over time, as our community grew to hundreds of thousands of customers per week, the community’s passion stayed strong and helped support our development efforts. If you were there, thank you. Seriously.

To get this far, Parsec also required financial investments and expert advice. Notation, Lerer Hippeau, NextView, HP Ventures, Makers Fund, Mini Fund, Gridlov, MBK Capital, and Andreesen Horrowitz believed in us and saw how Parsec could change the way the world accesses software, content, and tools. We really appreciate your guidance and support.

Finally, although Chris and I are Parsec’s co-founders, our families (especially Megan and Allison) were with us at every step of this journey, supporting and encouraging us every day. Thank you.

We’ve only just begun

Through the verticals business at Unity and their relationship with 94 of the top 100 game studios in the world, the immediate impact Parsec can have on industrial and gaming use-cases is going to grow exponentially. We couldn’t think of a better company to help us accelerate in the short term while also expanding our opportunity to impact the future so dramatically.

Applications built with Unity are downloaded more than 5 billion times a month, reaching an average of 2.5 billion devices globally. We believe Parsecwill bring value to each and every Unity customer, as well as everyone interacting with real-time 3D (known for the rest of this post as “RT3D”).

The potential of our original goal expands further and further: Parsec can help convert anyone creating in 2D/non-interactive applications into creators of RT3D applications. We can simultaneously give creators the freedom to work from any device, at any time, on their own terms. We can push their experiences further by using Parsec streaming to deliver their interactive experiences to more consumers globally.

There are approximately 500 million high performance computers in the world with even fewer capable of running the most demanding software. Meanwhile, there are approximately 2.7 billion people who own a smartphone and 2 billion computers globally. With more than 7 billion people on the planet, you can quickly see that a vast majority of the world does not have the technology capable of running a RT3D application. But, with access to the internet and a low powered device, they can connect to hardware that gives them the opportunity to build, create, design, develop, and interact with a RT3D experience via Parsec.

Can we get much higher?

Over the next decade, hundreds of millions of people will become creators of RT3D interactive experiences. Democratizing access to the tools to create for the next phase of online consumer experiences is a mission we’re thrilled to be a part of. In the future, the digital and real worlds will blend together even further, moving from computer and phone screens to a pervasive and omnipresent digital world. Meeting the technical demands of this future is an enormous undertaking, let alone giving everyone the opportunity to edit and iterate upon this world. It’s pretty exciting.

Streaming real-time and interactive content from the cloud or another computer to your laptop, phone, AR glasses, and more will open up a plethora of opportunities for creators and anyone else to change the digital world around them. We’re just getting started. And within Unity, we have even greater resources and opportunities to help shape this future.


Although this isn’t everyone who has been part of this journey, we’d like to call out and thank this group for helping us build Parsec.

Team (in order of appearance): Jamie Blanks, Erik Nygren, Dan Applegate, Jake Lazaroff, Alex Chaparro, James Stringer, Josiah Savary, May Kim, Ronald Huveneers, Charlie Tran, Marco De la Cruz, Max Sebela, Jakob Wilkenson, Keith Cook, Wontae Yang, Binh Hoang, Callum Watson, Vince Auletta, Eric Fahs, Steve Kehaya, George Kehaya, Meg Esch, Jason Hart, Jim Coleman, Michael McCormack, Malyse McKinnon, Marcus Stoll, Mike Nicoli, Nicole Closson, Devin Kelly, Sam Leavens, Fernando Boom, Dave Doherty, Val Nuccio, Karthik Selvakumar, Justin Valletta, Martin Trang, Susanne Blix, Zac Overson, Adrienne Merrick-Tagore, Paul Johns, Andrew Koonmen, Erin Boardman, Gabrielle Lysenko, Fernando Martinez, Kelli Branam, Darius Iglesias, Avery Vernon-Moore, James King III, JonnyLee Giard

Advisors: Shafqat Islam, Asif Rahman, Eros Resmini, Monte Ford, and Joost van Dreunen

Contractors: Richard Vinicius Gerotto Silva, Max Morris, Omar Panduro, Ignacio Ramirez

Investors: Notation Capital, Lerer Hippeau, NextView, HP Ventures, Makers Fund, Mini Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Gridlov L.P., MBK Capital

It’s official: Parsec is now part of Unity (2024)


Is Parsec owned by Unity? ›

It's official: Parsec is now part of Unity.

Who bought Parsec? ›

Unity Technologies announced its plan to acquire Parsec for $320 million in August 2021, with the deal expected to close by the third quarter of 2021.

Who is the parent company of Parsec? ›

Parsec was acquired by Unity for $320M on Aug 10, 2021 .

Who is the founder of Parsec? ›

For the co-founders of Parsec, Benjy Boxer and Chris Dickson, it was exactly what the duo needed to start a company that is on a mission to change the gaming world. Benjy Boxer, Co-Founder and CEO of Parsec.

Is Parsec no longer free? ›

FAQs. Can I use Parsec for free? Anyone can use Parsec to game, but you can only do work with Parsec if you have a license to do so.

Did Unity get bought out? ›

In July 2022, Unity agreed to buy ironSource in an all-stock deal worth US$4.4 billion. On completion of the deal, Unity shareholders will own about 73.5% of the combined company and current ironSource shareholders will keep about 26.5%.

What does Parsec do? ›

Parsec is a proprietary desktop capturing application primarily used for playing games, or working remotely through video streaming. Using Parsec, a user can stream video game footage or a desktop session through an internet connection, enabling ultra low-latency high performance remote access.

Can you game over Parsec? ›

Parsec connects you and your friends to the games you love from anywhere, on any screen. All you need is a PC, some internet, and our free app.

Is Parsec better than RDP? ›

When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that Parsec is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of Parsec over Remote Desktop Services.

Who is the CEO of parsec Technologies? ›

Michael Neenan - Chief Executive Officer - Parsec Antennas | LinkedIn.

Who came up with parsec? ›

The origin of the parsec. In short, “parsec” is a portmanteau-name (PARallax of one SECond of arc) proposed by Herbert Hall Turner in 1913 to characterize one unit of stellar distances.

Why is a parsec 3.26 light years? ›

And a parsec is the distance — 3.26 light-years — that a star must lie from the Sun for its parallax angle to be exactly 1″. That's why a parsec has that value, and not any other.

What company is behind Unity? ›

Answer. Unity Technologies is the owner of the Unity game engine. Unity Technologies was founded by David Helgason, Joachim Ante, and Nicholas Francis in Copenhagen in 2004.

Who created the Parsec? ›

The word parsec is a portmanteau of "parallax of one second" and was coined by the British astronomer Herbert Hall Turner in 1913 to simplify astronomers' calculations of astronomical distances from only raw observational data.

How private is Parsec? ›

Your data, secured

Plus, we secure it even further: Native application peer-to-peer traffic is encrypted end-to-end using a shared 128-bit AES key. Web-client sessions are encrypted using DTLS. Parsec is SOC 2 Type 2 certified to protect your data and follow industry best practices.

What ad company did Unity merge with? ›

Unity, which is best known for its eponymous general-purpose game engine, and ironSource, an adtech company that serves developers with tools for integrating ads, cross-channel marketing and more, first announced plans to join forces in a $4.4 billion all-stock deal back in July.

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