The Rookie’s Melissa O’Neil Talks ‘Chenford’ in Episode 100  (2024)

The Rookie’s Melissa O’Neil Talks ‘Chenford’ in Episode 100 (1)

The Rookie star Melissa O’Neil is opening up about the sweet moment between her character, Lucy Chen, and Eric Winter’s Tim Bradford during the show’s 100th episode.

“You know what? That [scene] was adorable,” O’Neil, 35, told TVLine in a Tuesday, February 27, interview. “It’s one of those exciting situations where when Alexi is directing and I feel like we all have a bit more freedom to collaborate with him because he’s right there with us in the room, and we’re like, ‘What do you think about this?’ So, yeah, we had a lot of fun.”

The Rookie celebrated 100 episodes on Tuesday with John (Nathon Fillion) and Bailey’s (Jenna Dewan) wedding, but Tim and Lucy, affectionally referred to as “Chenford” by viewers, were dealing with their own set of issues. After Lucy shared her belief that Tim had reservations about her undercover work should she make detective, he set out on a mission to prove her wrong. His plan backfired, however, when a polygraph test didn’t give him the answers he hoped for.

“I am going to prove to you that I’m rooting for you,” he explained to Lucy in the season 6 episode titled “The Hammer.” Lucy took him up on his offer, lobbing a few softball questions to him before the pair shared a tender “I love you.” She then asked him straight up if he wanted her to become an undercover detective.

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Tim answered yes, but the line detector said no. “I guess we really do have a problem,” he admitted, shocked by his own truth.

Despite the disagreement, the couple ended on good terms by the episode’s end. Tim made it clear that his problems with Lucy’s potential promotion aren’t about her, but stem from his ex-wife, Isabel (Mircea Monroe), being fatally shot on the job. The two share a dance in the show’s final moments, promising they’ll get through the hurdle together.

The Rookie’s Melissa O’Neil Talks ‘Chenford’ in Episode 100 (3)

“We’re always looking to walk a fun line with ‘Chenford’ and their relationship, which obviously came into its own last season, and that seemed like a really fun way to get to the next stage, but also to throw a complication in there at the same time,” showrunner Alexi Hawley, who wrote and directed the episode, told TVLine. “I thought it was super fun to shoot.”

While Lucy and Tim have become a fan favorite pairing of the ABC procedural, the slow-burn romance wasn’t initially intended to be part of the show. The duo’s chemistry, which began when Tim was assigned as Lucy’s training officer while she is a rookie, quickly became a highlight of the series, causing social media to light up with people rooting for their professional relationship to turn romantic.

“When this all started, there were these hashtags, and it’s funny because we, as actors, threw around #Tucy and #Chenford early on, but it was really us playing with the fact that we were partners,” Winter, 47, told TV Guide earlier this month. “The fans truly grabbed onto it from Day 1 and said, ‘They’re a couple! This needs to happen.’ And we’re like, ‘How?! I’m so mean to her. I’m bossing her around. I’m a jerk all the time.’ I don’t think it really set in for us until they entertained it.”

While their relationship remained platonic for years, season 4 took a turn when the two posed as a couple while going undercover and were forced to confront their blossoming feelings. Season 5 saw the pair falling in love, while season 6 has approached how they will deal with being both partners and in a romance relationship.

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“As characters, I think it’s part of the fun of the storyline — the fact that it is awkward at times, or maybe we’re trying to be a little bit affectionate out in public, but then we pull it back,” Winter explained. “We have to do our job, and we have to take our jobs seriously. [As Tim] I can’t treat her differently. Even though she’s my girlfriend, I’m a sergeant, and she’s supposed to follow my command. There’s a lot of things that you can play with.”

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As season 6 continues, Lucy and Tim will confine to navigate their new dynamic, and Tim will be forced to figure out how to support Lucy’s career goals, despite his past trauma.

“It’s not always easy to navigate changes in careers and relationships,” Winter told TV guide. “These are jumps in a job that can take a toll on a relationship, and given Tim’s past with his ex wife, it’s a lot. So I think it would have been a shame to not feel them go through those challenges and try to navigate that as a couple, because that’s what you want. You want to see real couples have real problems and figure it out. Her being a detective is a tough thing for Tim to go through.”

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The Rookie’s Melissa O’Neil Talks ‘Chenford’ in Episode 100  (2024)


Is Bradford leaving The Rookie? ›

Bradford broke up with Chen at the end of the episode, believing that he didn't deserve love and feeling the need to punish himself for lying to everyone. So is Tim Bradford leaving The Rookie? Winter confirmed that he isn't leaving The Rookie and plans to return to the series for Season 7.

Do Tim and Chen get together? ›

Eventually, Tim and Lucy dumped their respective significant others and started dating. Unfortunately, Chenford's relationship wasn't without its faults in The Rookie, and after Tim uncovered past trauma in season 6, he broke up with Lucy because he felt she was too good for him.

Does Tim ever tell Lucy he loves her? ›

Lucy accused Tim of trying to sabotage her while studying for the exam, and Tim couldn't believe she would think he would do that to her. The couple eventually made up and even exchanged "I love you's" during The Rookie's 100th episode.

Will Chenford get back together? ›

Even though The Rookie had been foreshadowing a breakup between Tim and Lucy since season 5, it was still devastating. The split also sounds as if it will be semi-permanent (at least, until season 7). Now that the show has been renewed, viewers shouldn't expect Chenford to reunite anytime soon.

Did Chenford break up? ›

Melissa O'Neil knows that fans of "Chenford" — the fan-favorite relationship between her character, Lucy Chen, and Eric Winter's Tim Bradford — will have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Bradford's decision to break things off unexpectedly with Chen in the final minutes of this week's midseason finale of The Rookie ...

What is the age gap between Tim and Lucy? ›

My head-canon is that she and Tim are 10 years apart in age. Tim was born in 1980, so in the pilot he was already 38, which if we go by my thinking, Lucy would be 28. But I just don't remember if it ever stated her age or birthdate.

Who does Officer Nolan end up with? ›

Summary. Nolan and Bailey are finally getting married in The Rookie season 6, episode 2. The lack of wedding talk in season 5 and the lengthy period between Nolan and Bailey's engagement and nuptials raised concerns. The 100th episode of The Rookie focuses on Nolan & Bailey's wedding, indicating their lasting bond.

What did Tim lie to Lucy about? ›

Not one to forsake such an opportunity to ask “anything” — after all, “you did go to all this trouble…,” she grinned — Lucy started off simple, by confirming that Tim has been lying to her about setting free “outside” the bugs in her apartment she asks him to trap.

Who does Tim Bradford end up with in The Rookie? ›

Indeed, the couple dubbed Chenford finally went official — and aboveboard — in Season 5. Now a new season is upon us, and only the Rookie writers know what's in store for these LAPD lovebirds. Before the Season 6 premiere, check out Chen and Bradford's love story so far in the gallery below.

Does lucy kiss tim? ›

The former training officer and rookie shared their first kiss during the season 4 finale. But it wasn't until halfway into season 5 that they came clean about their feelings for one another. Unfortunately, Tim and Lucy's relationship might end before it truly begins in The Rookie Season 5 Episode 19.

Do they save Lucy on The Rookie? ›

The Rookie: The Pentagram Killer, Explained

Lucy is buried inside a barrel, though her captivity is livestreamed to the police. Bradford is the one who rescues her, performing CPR on her to save her life.

Will Tim be in season 6 of The Rookie? ›

Tim and Lucy shared a few moments throughout The Rookie season 6, episode 10, and while their final scene instilled hope for their future, the show never forced them to get back together.

Is The Rookie coming to an end? ›

The Rookie is coming back with season 7. In April 2024, ahead of the season 6 finale, ABC renewed the procedural drama for a new installment. After Deadline announced the news, Fillion expressed his joy the following day on Instagram, alongside a screenshot of the publication's article.

Will there be a season 7 of The Rookie? ›

Season 7 is coming. (Let's not forget ABC! Thank you for your support!" However, ABC stated that The Rookie season 7 will return "midseason" during their autumn 2024-2025 primetime lineup, and Disney Television Group president Craig Erwich intimated to TVLine that the launch date may be January 2025.

Will Tim and Lucy be together in season 6? ›

In Season 6, Episode 6, "Secrets and Lies," Tim broke up with Lucy after he hid secrets from her about his past in the Army. Despite him not being open about David Dastmalchian's Ray Watkins return and who he was, at first, Lucy still helped Tim bring him down.

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